"Tezi" Offers

High quality service.

Individual approach.

Transparent business

Efficient performance.

Flexible financial policy.

Low service tariffs.

Using safest equipment.

About Company:

It is a general belief that exchange of goods and material commodities is integral to the lives of people. This process determines the well-being of individuals, as well as of counties, including its international reputation. Since the economies of the developed countries are mainly based on manufacturing export goods, there is no doubt that high quality of import-export operations, including transportation services, plays huge role in the economic success of a country. Ltd. “Tezi” had been working in the forwarding service field for many years already.

The company was established in 2004; the team is comprised of professional staff, who gathered their experience from working with various international companies: BP , SPIE CAPAC PETROFAC and others.

Company "Tezi" which demonstrates dynamic growth, offers transportation services of any volume and weight, including oversize and dangerous cargo through road, rail, sea or air shipping options. Consistent relationships with our clients who work in different business fields allows us to analyze and accumulate work experience. Based on our experience, we offer innovative solutions to our clients in forwarding services.

Health and Safety Policy

The Executive Management of TEZI Ltd.Confirms their commitment to achieve health, safety and environmental execution of this Company. An important part of our activities will be to continuously improve our processes and ensure that Health, Safety and Environmental excellence becomes acknowledged by all those associated with the company. It is our resporsibility and the responsibility of every Company member to reflect this H&S commitment, which is a key element of the company and shall make it an integral part of all our company activities. Company management team commitment:

  • We are committed to make Zero Accident and Zero Environmental Incidents a reality in this Company.
  • We Shall continually review and improve throughout the Company
  • We expect the same H&S commitment our H&S performance.
  • We expect the same H&S commitment of all others with whom we contract and iteract.

Internarional Solution

Transportation company TEZI LTD actively cooperates with international partners. It is important for them to share their experience, because the companys efforts to become more efficient and large-scale transport field. Remarkably, our groups involvement in the international arena, which is reflected in their invitations to various conferences. This allows us to establish business relationships with new partners, and customers together to create a professional work environment.

Our Goals

Our goal is to create and offer optimal service portfolio to our clients, which provides maximum protection, highest quality service and minimal financial expanses from the client.

Our company focuses on achieving the following goals:

Relations with clients – compatibility with high expectations and providing highest quality service;
Relations with partners - providing uninterrupted and optimal performance of transportation means; ensuring technical support;
For employees - creating pleasant working environment; providing professional and personal growth; opportunities for self-realization;
Towards the environment - contributing to environment protection and preservation by using modern, ecologically clean and safe technology, also by choosing optimal routes and transporting means.

Our history

2004 - Establish

Company “Tezi” established in 2004. “Tezi” has been cooperated with various international companies such as: BP,SPIE CAPAC PETROFAC and etc.

2007 - Project Cargos

From 2007, “Tezi” Ltd began,and as a contractor companies are also actively working on the project cargos.

2013 - Container Cargos

Since 2013, the company began actively working on the cargo container.Container shipping is carried out mainly in Azerbaijan, Yerevan direction.