Oversize and Dangerous Cargo Shipping


According to Georgian and international legislation, if the parameters of cargo exceed certain standards it is considered as oversize freight. Also, international legislation defines 9 main categories and several subcategories of dangerous cargo.


Transportation of oversize or dangerous cargo requires adherence to respective procedures and regulations set by overseeing institutions. Team of professional logistics and safety managers at Ltd. “Tezi”, who are prepared by special trainings, will help you in the forwarding procedures of oversize and dangerous cargo to any destination, via road or other types of transportation means.

This service package includes:

  • selection and timely delivery of special equipment necessary for transportation;
  • developing an appropriate route;
  • preparation of special permits and other types of documentation;
  • monitoring loading and unloading of cargo by safety manager;
  • monitoring the procedures of segregation and warehousing;
  • organization of escort and security control in case of need.